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December 2, 2016


To: Bobcat Trail Homeowners,

Re: Vacancy - CDD Board of Supervisors


It is with deep regret that we inform you of the resignation of Mrs. Marge Lawson from the Bobcat Trail Community Development District Board of Supervisors. Marge has served the Bobcat Trail Community in numerous roles including Fairway Commons HOA, the CDD     Finance Committee and the Planning Team for our Community Center.  Most recently she served a four year term as Chairperson of the CDD Board of Supervisors. A tireless worker, she has put in more service hours than anyone in the community. Her enthusiasm and    organizational skills will be missed. 

In an effort to fill the position as rapidly as possible, the CDD Board is requesting interested candidates submit their resume along with a cover letter expressing their interest in the  position and specific job skills, to the CDD Chairperson. We recognize the holidays are upon us and many homeowners may be travelling, we will make accommodation for candidates that are out of town.  Interested candidates may be interviewed by individual Board members, or be interviewed in a public meeting. There are approximately two (2) years remaining for Seat 4, which expires on 11/20/18. 

Requirements for the position are as follows:

…must be 18 years of age, citizens of the United States of America, legal residents of the State of Florida and of the District and registered to vote with the Supervisor of Elections of the county in which the District is located. The Board shall exercise the powers granted to the District under Florida law.

Supervisors shall hold office for the term specified by Section 190.006, Florida Statutes. If, during the term of office, any Board member(s) vacates their office, the remaining members of the Board shall fill the vacancies by appointment for the remainder of the term(s). If three or more vacancies exist at the same time, a quorum, as defined herein, shall not be required to appoint replacement Board members.


The Bobcat Trail CDD Board of Supervisors

Doug McNamee, Chairman (personal e-mail)


The Bobcat Trail Community Development District (CDD) is an independent multi-functional special district which as created in 1991 by the Sarasota County Commission. The CDD is governed by a five member resident Board of Supervisors (BOS) who are elected to staggered terms.

The BOS is responsible for managing community property and the following amenities on the property; pool facilities, tennis court, roads, CDD property irrigation, lakes, entry building, gates, greeters, wall/fences, streetlights, ect.

Permanent Committees consist of the Infrastructure/Asset Management Committee, Boulevard Committee, Finance Committee, Lakes and Roads Committee, and Tree Committee.