BOBCAT TRAIL                                                                                                  1352 Bobcat Trail, North Port, FL 34288
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DISTRICT                                                                                 941-426-0808

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               WELCOME TO BOBCAT!!!


The Bobcat Trail CDD is seeking interested candidates for vacancies on the Boulevard Committee and Finance Committee.

The Boulevard Committee will primarily be concerned with the maintenance and repairs of landscaping along our Bobcat Trail and Bobcat Village boulevards and common areas. Key areas of responsibility include landscaping - flowers, sod, shrubs, mulch, trees and landscape decorations. Irrigation of these landscape components is a secondary responsibility. A commitment of attendance at monthly meetings, with some possible, in-between fact finding is necessary along with a desire to improve and maintain our overall landscaping appearance. Scott Verrill will be the CDD's liaison to this committee.

The Finance Committee assignments include working with committees and the management company to assemble and submit a proposed annual budget; the review of monthly financial statements and bring irregularities to the Board of Supervisors for any required action; review of the annual outside audit; perform periodic audits of accounts and funds as directed by the Board of Supervisors; the drafting of financial policies and procedures as directed by the Board of Supervisors.  Bob Dunn will be the CDD's liaison to this committee.

Please submit an e-mail or note of interest for consideration of appointment to CDD Chair Marge Lawson (, or c/o Bobcat Trail Community Center, 1352 Bobcat Trail Boulevard, North Port, Florida 34288). If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Lawson at 941-423-9872.

 We welcome and encourage new residents to participate in community committees. It is a great way to get involved in the betterment of Bobcat Trail. 


The Bobcat Trail Community Development District (CDD) is an independent multi-functional special district which as created in 1991 by the Sarasota County Commission. The CDD is governed by a five member resident Board of Supervisors (BOS) who are elected to staggered terms.

The BOS is responsible for managing community property and the following amenities on the property; pool facilities, tennis court, roads, CDD property irrigation, lakes, entry building, gates, greeters, wall/fences, streetlights, ect.

Permanent Committees consist of the Infrastructure/Asset Management Committee, Boulevard Committee, Finance Committee, Lakes and Roads Committee, and Tree Committee.